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  • Cold Storage

    Cleaning Freezer Rooms Properly and Without Fuss

    Friday 27th March 2015

    Good hygiene is an essential component of any well-run kitchen, so keeping all the facilities used as clean as possible is essential to the promotion of good health...

  • Cold Storage

    Investing in Blast Freezers

    Wednesday 18th March 2015

    With the spring and summer holidays not too far away, now may be a good time to update your businesses kitchen equipment by investing in blast freezers and...

  • Cold Storage

    The Benefits of Cold Room Lease

    Sunday 1st March 2015

    Cold room lease is a very economic decision for many businesses these days. For many restaurants, and other businesses in which the storage of goods needs to be kept at...

  • Catering

    Freezer Storage Solutions

    Monday 16th February 2015

    When it comes to using your freezer as a food storage source, many establishments don’t have enough time to spend hours packing away food. Here are some time...

  • Cold Storage

    Three Fantastic Benefits of Blast Freezers

    Monday 16th February 2015

    As a caterer or business owner, you know how important it is to serve large quantities of fresh food fast to keep your customers happy. However, delivering high...

  • kitchen hire

    Getting to know your colleague with cooking team building sessions

    Thursday 29th January 2015

    Working within a team can pose a number of problems with clashing personalities and different ways of working but likewise can make for exciting dynamics which can...

  • Cold Storage

    Choosing Commercial Refrigeration for your Business

    Tuesday 13th January 2015

    When it comes to choosing a commercial fridge for your business there are many different factors to consider, it’s not as straight forward as going out and...

  • Food

    Blast freezers keep your food fresh and tasty.

    Thursday 11th December 2014

    Blast freezers are designed to quickly and efficiently freeze freshly cooked foods, making them perfect for commercial kitchens who want to get the most of out their...

  • Cold Storage

    Cleaning Cold Rooms in Time For Christmas

    Sunday 7th December 2014

    For many businesses dedicated to catering and food preparation, Christmas can be a very busy and nerve racking time indeed. Of all times of the year, Christmas is one...

  • Cold Storage

    Things to Consider when Purchasing a Commercial Freezer

    Tuesday 11th November 2014

    Many retailers enjoy the benefits that commercial freezers have to offer, including restaurants, shops and hotels. Commercial freezers are used to store food and...

  • Catering

    What Maidaid Halcyon Can Offer You

    Monday 10th November 2014

    Brands are everything in matters of purchase. A brand is an identity, a reputation, an advert and a promise. By recognising what each particular brand can offer, you...

  • Catering

    Essential Catering Equipment

    Thursday 2nd October 2014

    Once you have found the perfect location to set up your business, you will need to start planning the furnishings, staff and catering equipment. Taking on a...

  • Catering

    How Wedding Caterers can Help you to Cook up a Storm

    Tuesday 30th September 2014

    Getting married is such a big event in your life and one that you’re most certainly going to want to have great memories of. There are so many things to consider...

  • Food

    How to Hog Roast a Pig on a Spit

    Thursday 18th September 2014

    Roasting a hog is certainly a very traditional and rustic way of enjoying a meat meal. There’s something about seeing the whole animal slowly cooking over a fire...

  • Cooking

    Perfect Spit Roasts in Five Easy Steps

    Wednesday 3rd September 2014

    BBQ season is coming to a close, and with the knowledge that the sunshine will soon be replaced with the monotony of grey, cold and drizzle, Britons across the country...

  • Catering

    A kitchen is nothing without adequate catering equipment

    Monday 1st September 2014

    A craftsman or artist is nothing without their tools, and nowhere is this truer than within the kitchen. Without adequate catering equipment there is very little you...

  • Catering

    Kitchen Equipment for Restaurants

    Wednesday 20th August 2014

    If you run your own restaurant then you’ll understand the pressures and time constraints that are placed upon you on a daily basis. The need to ensure that your...

  • Catering

    Discover a Hog Roast for your Essex Event

    Thursday 14th August 2014

    What is a Hog Roast? Popular for many years and in many different countries around the world, the hog roast is a traditional and tasty pork treat. Hog roasts involve...

  • Catering

    A Spit Roast is the Perfect Centrepiece for your Party

    Monday 11th August 2014

    If you’re looking to add a special element to your event, a spit roast is a tasty way to make your day stand out above the rest. What does a spit roast involve? A...

  • Cold Storage

    Could the Sysco suit have been prevented?

    Monday 11th August 2014

    One of the world’s largest food distributors suffered a large monetary loss this month for putting thousands of customer’s health at risk. Texas based food...