Catering Equipment Supplies for Small Kitchens and Restaurants

Wednesday 23rd July 2014

It’s a sad fact of life that, sometimes, you cannot always have a space to work in as large as you may like. In some cases this is a situation that arises from the outset -- the building you bought or rented to be your restaurant just wasn’t very large. Other times this is a result of natural growth. A successful kitchen generates more customers, more customers means more food needs to be prepared, and more cooking means more space is needed. As such finding space for all your catering equipment supplies can be a genuine challenge that needs to be overcome.

catering equipment in small kitchensIf you’re purchasing a kitchen you know is going to be smaller than you initially planned, then the key stage is in planning. Space is a premium, and it must be used with a high mind for spatial economics. In this regard, make sure every square inch is being used to the best it can.

Use spaces under the surface areas for catering equipment supplies such as cookers, dishwashers and other large appliances. Affix cabinets to the walls to create extra storage space. If possible and practical, remove certain tasks from the kitchen entirely, such as removing coffee and tea making facilities to the dining area itself. It is also an excellent idea to look for appliances that can achieve several tasks at once, such as bi-chambered cookers, ovens that can bake in a variety of ways, or dishwashers that can dry as well as clean. It’s also essential to prevent clutter as much as possible. If ever something is not being used or has finished a task, wash it and place it away immediately.

Storage Equipment

Another problem will be storage. For smaller kitchens you may find you can handle all your cooking needs with a single domestic fridge and chest freezer, especially if you can pick up restocks relatively quickly and easily. Larger kitchens with less frequent deliveries may have to adjust their storage based on whether their deliveries are fresh, frozen or pre-prepared. If it’s at all possible, try to have more storage than you need to deal with occasional backlog. You will also need storage for smaller catering equipment supplies such as uniforms, cleaning equipment, and cutlery and crockery.

You can generally find out which cold storage products you need by talking to a reputable catering equipment supplier here.

A final thing to consider with your small kitchen is functionality and safety. Always make sure you catering equipment supplies are placed to maximise efficiency, and always ensure that everything is safe to use. It is also vital to know where items such as fire extinguishers and first aid kits are placed, to further assist with kitchen safety.


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