Your catering equipment is an important part of your culinary business.

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

With all this discussion of freezers, cookers, deep-fat fryers and large black pots that look more at home in a cannibals’ village than in a modern Western kitchen, one thing you may have overlooked is catering equipment. This is the miscellanea of your kitchen: the pots, pans, knives, cleavers, bowls, spoons, ladles and toasting forks. The cutlery and the crockery. The condiment holders and the cleaning supplies. The aprons and the toques. Those essential goods that although overlooked are essential to keep your kitchen running. It is no exaggeration to say that your catering business could not function without them. All this comes under catering equipment.

Needless to say choosing catering equipment is a question of need and budget. If you’re running a vegan restaurant, for example, then knives designed for cutting meat, deboning fish and other such tasks won’t be necessary. At the same time, however, certain pieces of equipment are universal. All kitchens will need cleaning supplies and something on which to serve food, for example. You should also think carefully about quality vs. cost. While of course you want items that last and do their job well, neither do you want to blow your budget on something flashy when a perfectly useable option could have been pursued for far cheaper.

This requires you to think very carefully about how you expect a typical day in your kitchen to run. Think of the sorts of things that will need to be used, and how frequently. Also try to think of atypical days in your restaurant too. What things could go wrong, and what could you do to prevent or remedy them?

One thing you should also consider buying are replacements. As your catering equipment can undergo quite a lot of use, breakages or simple misplacements are going to occur sooner or later. In order to prevent the delays this may cause within your kitchen’s operation, having a spare or two laying around to replace equipment that is out of commission would not be a waste of effort or resources.

Which suppliers should you use?

Lastly you should also think carefully about suppliers. Do not just buy from the first catering equipment outlet you find online or in the high street. Look around. Compare prices. Consider customer reviews. Ask around other kitchens for their recommendations -- believe it or not, many restaurant owners are happy to give advice to new businesses. Make sure you’re getting the best deal.

For more information about catering equipment, or to peruse a wide selection of kitchen supplies and utilities online, visit the website of Advantage Catering.

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