Commercial Dishwashers for your Catering Business

Tuesday 4th February 2014

At home, there can be certain days in each week when the backlog of washing up to be done is immense, and you can be staring at it for a considerable amount time, wondering how it would be possible to wash it all up. Many people nowadays find this situation much easier to cope with, because they have a dishwasher installed in their home. The dishwasher allows the usual washing items (plates, bowls, cutlery, and saucepans) to be washed up by a machine, and save time from your busy day. The larger items sometimes need to be washed by hand, but this is rarely, and the result of this is that many people in the home nowadays rely heavily on their dishwasher to help them with the daily chores.

What does this mean for my business?

glasswashersLet’s skip over to your catering business, either as a large food product dispatcher, a restaurant, café or a small shop. Chances are, the amount of washing up that needs to be done from these almost factory-like conditions mean that you would actually need to have several commercial dishwashers to deal with your washing up, because manpower alone may not be enough.

A commercial dishwasher, at its simplest definition, is a larger and more powerful version of your everyday home dishwasher. The main difference between commercial dishwashers and home dishwashers are the differences in energy and time efficiency.

Which dishwasher do i need?

There are several types of dishwasher, which all specialise in carrying out certain tasks to the best of their ability. For example, you can buy commercial glass-washers,  which, as their name suggests, are especially capable of cleaning glass without breaking it. These may be of use to you if you run a restaurant where you regularly need be cleaning glasses that may be expensive to replace. Another example of a specialised dishwasher is the ‘pass through commercial dishwasher’, a dishwasher which is designed to clean items in as little time as possible, so that they can be used again quickly.

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