Using cooking equipment for your commercial kitchen

Monday 19th May 2014

In essence, the job of a commercial kitchen unit should be almost identical to the job of a domestic kitchen unit. The only difference is that in a commercial environment, the machinery needs to be as efficient as possible, with minimum space and energy wastage. Thus, in the commercial environment, kitchen equipment is likely to be larger, with greater functionality and can carry out tasks slightly quicker than their domestic counter-parts.

commercial kitchen equipment in use

What are some examples?

There are loads of examples of this. To find one, look at the domestic oven. The majority of people nowadays have either a radiating oven, which works by reradiating heat from the fire to the food in the oven, or they will have a fan oven, which works by a similar principle, of fanning hot air over food to cook it and keep a convection going. Both of these ovens have a flaw, which is that food can dry out and therefore lose texture, taste and other qualities. In a restaurant or food processing plant, this could be a big problem.

Every kitchen needs a good oven!

The solution that can be found in a commercial kitchen is the Combi Oven. The Combi Oven is an example of a piece of Commercial Kitchen Equipment which has clearly been designed from several pieces of domestic equipment. It essentially features a fan oven which a steam oven incorporated inside. This means that the oven itself has the benefits of having an even spread of hot air all around the oven chamber, so the food can cook perfectly evenly. The steam oven is also very important in the Combi Oven, because it means high pressure steam can be blasted into the chamber to prevent it from drying out the food. This technology has also filtered into steam oven products that can be used at home, so watch this space!

If you would like to investigate further about the benefits of Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Advantage Catering Equipment can help provide you with equipment that will benefit your cooking profession more than domestic alternatives. You can view the website here.

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