Freezer Storage Solutions

Monday 16th February 2015

When it comes to using your freezer as a food storage source, many establishments don’t have enough time to spend hours packing away food.

Here are some time efficient freezer storage solutions that are guaranteed to help your staff:

Freezing food for long-term storage is the fastest and easiest way to store large quantities of food. One of the best things about this method is you can throw items in a bag, seal it up and you’re finished. This also means less waste and you are freezing leftover foods instead of throwing them away.

Freezer Storage SolutionsIf you decide to store your food in freezer bags it’s important to make sure that your foods are properly stored and labelled so you are clear on the dates of when your food was frozen. When storing your frozen foods stack them close together and try to maintain a full freezer.

Making a list of frozen foods

Make sure you make a list of items that you store in your freezer, so you know how much foods you have. Keeping a list on a clip board next to your freezer will help keep you organised, as it can be difficult to see how much food is in your freezer.

Protecting Your Frozen Food Supply 

As with all food storage, you need to protect your food investment. Make sure that you store your food correctly as the last thing that you will want to experience is your food getting freezer burn if the food is not properly wrapped.

You can protect your foods by wrapping them in materials that will not expose them to air or moisture. Packaging materials must be moisture-vapour resistant; durable and leak proof;  resistant to oil, grease or water; protect foods from absorption of off-flavours or odours; easy to seal; easy to mark, and must not become brittle and crack at low temperatures. 

Good freezing materials include:

  • vacuum seal pouches
  • rigid containers made of aluminium
  • plastic containers
  • tin or heavily waxed cardboard
  • bags and sheets of moisture-vapour resistant wraps
  • laminated papers made especially for freezing

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Freezer Storage Solutions

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