Discover a Hog Roast for your Essex Event

Thursday 14th August 2014

What is a Hog Roast?

Popular for many years and in many different countries around the world, the hog roast is a traditional and tasty pork treat. Hog roasts involve cooking a whole pig over a fire or barbeque throughout the day so that the beautiful, succulent meat is ready for you and your guests by dinner time! Hog roasts can be served in any way you like; many people enjoy pulled, roasted pork in a big crusty bun with a rich sauce, whereas others prefer their meat with rice, salads or potatoes. Whatever you enjoy, this traditional feast is sure to work well with your event.

Discover a Hog Roast for your Essex Event

Why Choose a Hog Roast?

Are you looking to cater for a large group of people? Perhaps you’re having a business event, birthday party or even a wedding? Whether corporate or personal, a hog roast could be the perfect centrepiece to your event. There are a number of benefits, advantages and great reasons to choose and enjoy a hog roast at you Essex event, so why not consider one today? Firstly, hog roasts are great if you need to feed a large group of people (a whole pig goes a long way, especially with some scrumptious sides to enjoy alongside it). Choosing an Essex hog roast can also mean a hassle free time for you. As these roasted porkers feed so many, so quickly it means that time limitations are not an issue, if you don’t have time to cook then there’s no need to worry, a hog roast has got you covered!

Another fantastic reason to opt for a hog roast is that they are great for summer parties. Nothing says summertime and celebration like an oversized, ultra extravagant barbeque and a whole hog roast is just that. Your Essex hog roast will also be a great talking point for your friends and family too, as this quirky centrepiece will get people chatting to not only to you but to each other as well, creating a great party atmosphere without all the awkward introductions! Finally, possibly the most important reason to consider a hog roast for your party is that it smells, looks and tastes great. A hog roast is a feast for the eyes and is guaranteed to impress the best of us carnivorous creatures, but it also works hard to satisfy our taste buds. You’ll never have to worry about your guests going hungry with a hog roast, and happy guests mean an even happier you!

If you’re looking for a top alternative to traditional party food, which can sometimes leave your guests underwhelmed, then why not call The Hogfather?

The Hogfather are hog roasting specialists in Essex, with years of experience delivering porky perfection to a whole range of people. For more information on what you can expect from a hog roast or for a great quote, drop them an email today.

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