Restaurant Kitchen Equipment and Hygiene

Wednesday 16th April 2014

restaurant Kitchen equipmentWhen considering the cooking industry, it goes without saying that matters of hygiene are among the top things any business owner should consider with regards to their kitchen and its equipment. Restaurant kitchen equipment will, over the course of a single working day, be put through a lot of paces, so it’s important to ensure that you keep on top of keeping them clean.

The problem with that of course is time management. A kitchen during a dinner rush is a hotbed of activity as it is, and as such there is not usually enough time to dedicate to the cleaning of your equipment.

Cleaning Crockery and Cutlery

Usually whenever cleaning is taking place during the height of a dinner rush, it is the crockery and cutlery that are the focus. At any one time you can only have so many free plates, bowls, and knives and forks. During really busy evenings, you will eventually run out if you do not keep on top of cleaning them ready to be used again.

Most kitchens employ people specifically for the purposes of washing plates and cutlery, given the rather obvious title of dishwasher. These people will spend their days elbows deep in soapy water making sure your plates are clean. Ideally they should always have a good supply of hot water, brushes and scours and plenty of suds. Your plates should be mirror-like and make a satisfying squeak when finished.

Certain restaurant kitchen equipment pieces can speed the process up considerably by industrialising the process of cleaning plates. Dishwashers and other such appliances are able to clean dozens of plates at a time, rapidly increasing the amount of plates that can be available after a single cleaning session. These can also replace human dishwashers and thus save you some money on wages.

Cleaning Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

This has to take place after the kitchen has closed, or at least during the process of it slowing down. Go around the kitchen and scrub down every piece of equipment that has been used, even if it looks relatively clean. Use soap suds where it’s safe to do so, although be aware that not all equipment should be cleaned with water, particularly electrical equipment.

Usually electrical appliances can be disassembled, allowing their component parts to be cleaned individually, a case that’s especially true if those appliances have moving or interconnected parts that come into contact with food. Most other restaurant kitchen equipment will also have other removable parts to assist with cleaning, such as oven grills being detachable.

Cleaning the Kitchen Itself

An important thing to cover while cleaning is the floor. Waste food left to one side will soon attract pests and vermin, such as ants, cockroaches and even rats, so be sure to clean the floors thoroughly. At least once a week, make sure you do a thorough top-down clean of your entire kitchen. Pull back every piece of restaurant kitchen equipment so as to clean every square inch of floor, and make sure that there is no waste food left to attract pests.

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