Protect your Catering Equipment with Identification Tags

Friday 17th January 2014

tracking catering equipmentThere has been an explosion in the amount of equipment now available and being used within the catering industry and in professional industrial kitchens. This equipment has become invaluable in helping caters, chefs and cooks to create great food.

Much of this equipment is potable and often fairly expensive to replace.

From microwaves to blast chillers and electrical whisks to water baths, its staggering just how much equipment there is and how easily it could be misplaced, lost or stolen.

So how do you keep track of all this equipment?

With the help of equipment identification tags and labels the task of looking after your equipment can be made much easier.

What are Equipment ID Tags?

tag catering equipmentEquipment identification tags are adhesive tags or labels made from durable material that are small enough to be attached to a wide variety of catering equipment. 

These ID tags contain text and information engraved into the surface giving a permanent high contrast, durable and tamper proof image suitable for even toughest kitchen environments.

mini mark id tagsMany tags are also inscribed with barcodes, some of which can be designed sequentially for ease of use within a kitchen. These bar codes can then be used to aid identification and bring up important information about the piece of equipment, whether that be when its last PASS check was carried out, to how old it is or even who the manufacturer was and their contact details.

The information can then be linked to a database so that you can track more than just what equipment you have but see its real value to your company in terms of investment.

Using identification tags gives a visual deterrent to items being misplaced or stolen as they are extremely hard to remove and help you keep track of your equipment in both the short and long term.

Sourcing the Right Equipment Tags

kitchen equipment id tagsThere are a wide variety of equipment tags and labels available, but you need to be sure you are getting the right tags for both the equipment you have and the environment they will be exposed to.

Price can also be a key factor as many cheaper tags use inferior base material and adhesives giving you tags that can be removed too easily and in some cases the label information can be degraded and lost making the tags useless.

An industrial kitchen will most likely require ID tags that:

  • Will withstand temperatures from –60ºC up to +200ºC –
  • Safe in microwave, dishwasher and autoclave.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals, abrasion and harsh environments.
  • Image cannot be ‘wiped off’ – permanently engraved into the surface.
  • mounted with strong adhesive or even fastened with screws to ensure that food contamination is kept at a minimum.

Talking to a specialist supplier can help you find the right identity tags for your equipment.

Dantech is an established and respected provider of identification labels and tags for a wide range of industries including catering and industrial kitchens.

To discuss your requirements in more detail call Dantech on 01354 688 488 or for more information including prices visit Dantech Asset and ID Labels website.

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