Restaurant Kitchen Equipment -- A Buyer’s Guide

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

There are many considerations behind running a successful restaurant. Venue, the menu, the staff, the costs, the marketing. But perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of a restaurant is ensuring that you have the correct restaurant kitchen equipment at your disposal. After all, it’s no good having a carefully thought out and selected menu or highly-trained and organised cooks if your kitchen lacks the means to adequately prepare your patrons’ food. Of course, you need to ensure that the equipment you have is suitable to your kitchens’ needs.

After all, why buy that gargantuan deep-fat fryer that could cook an entire ox in five minutes if you’re not actually going to have much call for deep-fried ox in the first place?

First and foremost: decide where your cooking is going to take place. That is, are you cooking on premises, off premises or both? If you’re cooking within your venue then you won’t need to buy as much, but cooking on the move will require specialised equipment and food storage. Keep that in mind when making purchases, and make sure your budget can accommodate your needs.

For that matter you should also work out how many people you will actually be expecting to serve on a regular basis. While it’s always good to have slightly more plates and glasses than you need, just for the added security during dinner rushes or in case of breakages, too many will just take up highly valuable space. That you should never have less restaurant kitchen equipment than you need goes without saying.

You should then move on to the sort of menu you wish to have. Make sure that each item is capable of being prepared. If you have the space and budget, you can also look at getting auxiliary kitchen equipment in the event of accidents or break downs.

Finally, consider what you actually need to buy and what you can hire or borrow. For example if you only anticipate making a certain foodstuff that requires specific restaurant kitchen equipment only once or twice a year, you could probably just hire it for cheaper cost and more space in your kitchen for more essential items.

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