A Spit Roast is the Perfect Centrepiece for your Party

Monday 11th August 2014

If you’re looking to add a special element to your event, a spit roast is a tasty way to make your day stand out above the rest. What does a spit roast involve? A spit roast is a pretty simple concept that involves slow cooking a large piece of meat, usually a whole pig. The pig is placed on a ‘spit’ which is a large ‘skewer like’ instrument and it is held over a barbeque or an open fire to cook. To ensure the spit roast is cooked correctly, the meat is turned continuously over a number of hours, so it is ready to eat for dinner!A Spit Roast is the Perfect Centrepiece for your Party

A traditional spit roast might not seem like the most likely centrepiece for your event, but whether it’s a wedding, work event or a birthday party, you can be certain that a spit roast will wow your guests and leave them feeling satisfied. Spit roasts are juicy, succulent meaty feasts and can be enjoyed on their own, with summery side salads or in a big crusty bun with lashings of sauce. No matter how you choose to eat yours, they’re super satisfying and will leave all of your guests wanting more! Spit roasts are great for almost everyone and can even work well if you’re having a themed event. So, why not get your friends and family together and surprise them with a traditional ‘caveman’ treat? Whatever you choose to do, a whole spit roast has got you covered when it comes to your guests and will create a great talking point.

Even if you think your event is too formal for a spit roast, you might be surprised. Although a spit roast is one of the earliest and most basic forms of group dining, it doesn’t mean that it has to be primitive. A roasted pig can just be the centrepiece alongside a whole host of other fantastic foodie delights, as it works well with almost anything. Nonetheless, the traditional spit roast has no problem standing alone and can easily feed a huge group of people, meaning no one at your event will go hungry.

Pay homage to the pig with The Hogfather spit roasting company. The Hogfather offers the perfect solution for foodie parties and hungry guests in London and Essex. With over 12 years’ experience creating porky perfection, why trust anyone else with your dinner? For more information on spit roasts for your London and Essex events, call The Hogfather on 07940 507 570.

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