A Tasty Hog Roast could make your Essex Event Sizzle

Saturday 2nd August 2014

Do you love food? With summer now in full swing there are so many reasons to attend or even create a fantastic foodie event. Food is great way to bring people together, especially when it’s a barbeque. The links between sharing food with one and other as a sign of affection has been ingrained in society since the Victorian era. To really show someone that you cared, you would give a loved one food and drink. Not much has changed in today’s society and sharing certainly is still caring when it comes to our food. Are you thinking about setting up a food event, large or small? Then why not consider one of the best BBQ treats of all, a whole hog roast? If you love meaty eats, then this could be the perfect centrepiece for you.

A Tasty Hog Roast could make your Essex Event Sizzle

So what is a hog roast? A hog roast is a whole pig, slowly roasted all day, over an open fire. The meat is cooked slowly and basted regularly to ensure it is soft and juicy once the time comes to eat! Just like peoples love of food sharing, hog roasts have been around for many, many years and really help to bring a group together. If you’re looking for an informal and fun event piece then try this delicious BBQ treat. Hog roasts are not only great for normal barbequing events; they’re also great for your historic and themed events too. Hog roast has been a popular feast for centuries, especially so in places like Spain, Cuba and Hawaii, so why not bring a taste of the exotic to Essex. Enjoy a hog roast in a traditional Mediterranean setting or even dressed up like a caveman. Whatever you decide, including a hog roast in your plans will make your friends say wow and add that extra special touch to your event.

When considering a hog roast as the perfect centrepiece to your event, you want to know you’re getting a good price and top-quality catering. Trust a company that have been hog roasting in Essex for years to provide you with the absolute best food, ensuring you receive nothing but porky perfection. The Hog Father company can bring an extra special catering experience to your Essex event, whether it’s a wedding, large BBQ or otherwise. Let the Hog Father take care of you.

For more information on booking your Essex hog roast, including an event quote, contact the Hog Father via their website here.

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