A kitchen is nothing without adequate catering equipment

Monday 1st September 2014

A craftsman or artist is nothing without their tools, and nowhere is this truer than within the kitchen. Without adequate catering equipment there is very little you can actually do in the kitchen, so making sure you have exactly what you need is top priority. However with all the range of utensils you can buy for your kitchen, it may be difficult to determine what it is you actually need. Many appliances only really apply to specific instances of cooking, and as such may not be of any use to you when purchased. So here listed are the very essential items you will need with the establishment of a typical kitchen. We’ll assume the cooker and other large pieces of catering equipment as a given.

Kitchen Catering Equipment

1.            Cutting Board

A cutting board is an essential piece of catering equipment for any kitchen, as it provides a stable, strong surface on which one can cut vegetables without marking your counters. Use soft materials such as cork, plastic or wood to help prevent damage to knives, prolonging their overall lifespan. For added ease of use, consider purchasing a board with a rubber underside to maintain a better grip on the counter.

2.            Knives

Following on from this naturally are your knives. You will need a knife for pretty much all of your cooking, whether it’s cutting bread, dicing meat or peeling vegetables. You can get a basic set of knives for relatively cheap from any store that caters to catering equipment, as well as a knife sharpener, for relatively cheap.

3.            Cookware and Bakeware

By this, we mean all the various items in which you actually cooking your food while keeping it separate from each other and the cooker. Saucepans, frying pans, baking trays, and the like. You should have at least five pans of varying size, a frying pan, an oven try and a baking tray. As you specialise more in cooking, you may wish to expand to other varieties of pan to help improve your catering range, such as woks or cake pans.

4.            Bowls

Here referring to mixing bowls primarily. These are a necessary step in baking, where flower and butter needs to be mixed together, as well as the making of pastries or mixing pasta with sauce.

5.            Scales and Measuring Bowls

These are a necessary component of catering equipment to any particularly advanced cooking, where exact weights and measurements are necessary to acquire the correct ratios of ingredients. For example too much milk added to a cake my well make it very soggy, which will require more flour to balance the mix. This in turn makes the overall cake larger and will potentially waste ingredients.

6.            Peelers

While it is possible to use a knife in a pinch to peel vegetables or fruit, a peeler does a much neater job and with less waste. They also don’t take up much space within the cutlery drawer. As you should always use the right tools for the job, a peeler would make more than an excellent choice for your new kitchen.

7.            A Mixer or Whisk

Another essential for baking in such cases where a spoon just isn’t good enough. Whisks are used in situations where you don’t just want ingredients mixed together, but also rendered light and fluffy, such as scrambled eggs or whipped cream. A whisk with light wires is generally more balanced than ones with thicker wires. Mixers can come with a wide variety of attachments

8.            Spoons and Ladles

A good selection of spoons and ladles will be necessary whenever you are cooking with liquids. Forks and knives do not have sufficient surface area to properly move the water around, and ladles make it easier to serve stews, soups and other liquid meals. Ladles also come with a handy hook at the end of the handle so that it can hang from the saucepan, preventing it from falling in.

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