Traditional pizza ovens vs. modern alternatives

Wednesday 19th February 2014

pizza ovensPizzas are now a common meal had in many a home across the world whether made from scratch, cooked from chilled or frozen or even ordered as a takeaway treat. Even when out in restaurants, many people will still opt for a pizza thanks to its traditional tastes and abundance of variety. The most traditional of pizzas has got to be the ‘Margarita’ – a tomato base with mozzarella cheese and topped with basil - loved for its simplicity. Pizzas offer such variety in toppings, dough depth, size and even crust options, its little wonder why the pizza seems to be such a staple food for so many people. With the emergence of pizza ovens, this is even more apparant!

Traditional pizza ovens or modern alternatives?

For many restaurants it may be a little difficult to continue to practice these cooking methods, with stone ovens a less feasible option to have in the kitchen. Pizza ovens are a great alternative to classic wood burning ovens, offering the same features to cook a pizza well.Pizzas were traditionally cooked in a wood burning stone oven which was able to produce very high temperatures. The stone walls were able to lock in heat thus creating high temperatures – making for a quick bake needing only a couple of minutes to be thoroughly cooked. Cooking the pizza in this way also made for a crispy outer crust while leaving the middle soft whilst also adding a depth of flavour.

electric pizza oven pizzaMany pizza ovens can reach temperatures of 450 degrees Celsius – exceeding the temperatures of this ancient cooking method. Pizza ovens can also offer space conscious designs to fit in with commercial kitchen needs with some having ‘triple cooking decks’ for cooking multiple pizzas at the same time. With such similar heat and other positive attributes, pizza ovens can still produce quick bakes that are crisp yet tender in the centre letting your customers enjoy every bite.

Where to grab a decent pizza oven?

If you are wanting to purchase a commercial pizza oven for your catering business, please visit the website of Advantage Catering Equipment to find out more about what ranges are on offer and what oven would best suited to your business. Alternatively, please call a member of the team on 01304 827272 who will be able to answer any of your queries and can give guidance on what oven may be the best choice for you.

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