Deter bacterial growth using vacuum packers

Tuesday 24th December 2013

Bacterial growth is a natural process that, unfortunately ruins our perishable food such as meat and vegetables. It is a process which requires food - bacteria relish on many food product surfaces – as well as moisture, warmth and – with many things – time. Although this is a natural process, such bacterial growths can infest our foods and cause many problems for us, least not food poisoning. Bacterial growth will also mean a spoilt product which is no longer suitable for consumption. One way that this can be managed and deterred is by using a vacuum packer which can seal the food item, thus protecting it from the elements and bacterial infestation.

vacuum packing

It would seem that our foods offer the perfect natural environment for many bacteria’s to grow and cause damage. As mentioned, bacterial growth also needs moisture to enable multiplication. Again, this can be found in the foods we eat which offer ample natural moisture within its structure needed by bacteria. Our own kitchen equipment can supply the warmth as some bacteria’s can multiply even in temperatures of five degrees; our refrigerators are usually set at eight degrees Celsius! Then factor in time. All bacteria need some amount of time to reproduce and become harmful. With the right conditions, this may only a short period. Take a pack of half opened bacon that has been sat on the side while you cook your dinner. It will be exposed to higher temperatures – along with all the other necessary factors – enabling quick bacteria growth that will spoil the food and potentially cause harm to yourself.

So why use a vacuum packer?

Vacuum packers by definition remove air from packaging, creating a vacuumed seal to protect our foods. This can not only improve its resistance to bacteria but also its shelf life as oxygen is not present. This limits the natural decomposition of our foods – no mould in site! Vacuum packers are available in all shapes and sizes, for domestic use to industrial use. This essential piece of kitchen equipment could keep your meat and veg safe and reduce waste – this alone could save you a lot of money and countless trips to the shop!

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