Three Fantastic Benefits of Blast Freezers

Monday 16th February 2015

As a caterer or business owner, you know how important it is to serve large quantities of fresh food fast to keep your customers happy. However, delivering high quality, nutritious food for a large number of people isn’t always easy. In a busy environment, you need something that works fast and works well. Blast freezers have a number of benefits that could help you to serve better food, more quickly.

Nutritional value

Three Fantastic Benefits of Blast Freezers

Time, space and financial constraints can often mean that food has to be prepared in advance and when this happens nutrition often suffers .

Food that has been left in a regular fridge or freezer before and after cooking loses its nutrients more quickly and that’s where a blast freezer can help. If you need to store meat and fish in a safe environment before transporting to your kitchens, then doing so quickly and efficiently will help keep your products in tip-top condition.

Blast freezers freeze fresh food almost instantly, ensuring that nutrient decay is minimised. Work in a commercial kitchen? Mini blast freezers also help to keep foods fresh on a smaller level, so they’re worth investing in if you need to keep your meals fresh and ready to go.

Colour, flavour and texture

Another great benefit of the blast freezer is that it keeps food looking and tasting great too. Whether it’s a large industrial sized freezer or a smaller, more personal model, your food will look fantastic.Having a nutritious meal is great but if it looks unappetising then people will turn away from your business.

Foods that have been stored incorrectly over long periods of time and at the wrong temperature can start to become a little lifeless. The structural integrity of food such as pasta can easily break down once cooked, causing a sloppy mess rather than a delicious looking meal on the plate.

The vibrancy of food is also contained when blast freezing, so your veggies look and taste as fresh as they did when they were picked from the field.

Reduce your waste

If you cater for daily buffets where extra food is almost always left at the end of the day or you simply wish to keep leftover food for dish reinventions, then you need a blast freezer!

It’s not easy to safely store food overnight, as bacteria can develop even in cold temperatures. By blast freezing your food, this bacterial hazard is taken away and you can safely reuse food for future events. Not only does this reduce the amount of food waste you produce, it’s saving you money too. Reuse and reinvent food and never worry about overstocking your kitchen again!

Blast freezers come in a range of different sizes, so whether you need to store hundreds of kilograms of meat and fish at your warehouse or simply need a mini blast freezer for your kitchen, you can save yourself time, space and money!

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