The Benefits of Cold Room Lease

Sunday 1st March 2015

Cold room lease is a very economic decision for many businesses these days. For many restaurants, and other businesses in which the storage of goods needs to be kept at a controlled temperature, cold storage can be a very valuable commodity. It’s also a commodity that can quickly become used up. In some cases a steady stream of business can help ensure that there’s always extra space being made available, but that can’t be depended on.

The Benefits of Cold Room Lease

Rather than waste product by prematurely emptying storage, or having to make do without those needed supplies, many find renting a cold room to be a better alternative.

The Costs

What are the costs behind renting out cold storage? Usually it involves an initial safety deposit that’s basically just an insurance on the unit itself. If the unit is returned in the condition it was rented out in, then that’s returned to the customer immediately. Then, naturally, there’s the actual rent, which may be a predetermined sum every hour, day, or month of use depending on how long the customer intends to keep hold of it. The longer it’s held, then the higher those costs may go.

In addition to this, there may also be other optional charges for things such as cleaners, generators, and insurance. The insurance would not only cover the unit itself, but also any items within the unit. These are left to the discretion of the customer, and are not essential to your cold room lease.

While initially the costs may seem a little steep, these should be kept in perspective of what you may have been paying if you opted to buy additional storage space. While this may have been slightly cheaper overall, it still means you’ve taken up valuable space that could have been donated to other things, and may not even be used to full capacity. As such, the larger fees are entirely justified by the long-term economy of use.

The Benefits

One of the immediate benefits of cold room lease is the expanded space you now have for storage. In times where you’ve received an unexpected surplus of goods, or didn’t use others as quickly as you thought you would, then the external storage can be a very welcome asset indeed. Certainly it’s a cheaper alternative to throwing out what could be very valuable stock just to clear room, especially if you could still make capital with it.

The immediate opening of space is also highly useful if you want to hold a planned event that will require more room than you usually have to deal with. Buying up new cold storage is just not practical if it’s only going to be used once, especially if you probably won’t be using it to full capacity afterwards.

Of course this means that a cold room lease is only good for short-term storage issues. If you expect storage of products to be a problem fairly frequently in the long-run, then buying a new cold room may be worth the effort and expense after all. Otherwise, have a look at your current inventory management and see if you can’t make your current storage more efficient.

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