What is a Blast Chiller??

Tuesday 25th March 2014

cold storage freezerA Blast Chiller is very similar to a blast freezer, which is a type of freezer designed to speed up the time taken for food to freeze. The benefit of freezing food as quickly as possible is that it is a lot safer to eat if it has been at room temperature for the least time possible. This is because at room temperature, bacteria can reproduce quickly and make the food non-safe to eat and therefore unhealthy. Freezing food slows down the reproduction rate of bacteria, so the food is much less likely to spoil. Also, if food is frozen is quickly, it regains texture and flavour much better than if it takes a longer time to freeze.

What are the types of Blast Chillers?

Blast Chillers come in all shapes and sizes, and some businesses like CRS Cold Storage can even customise the design of their blast chillers to suit your specific specifications. There are also different powers of Blast Chillers, which means some can freeze food much more quickly than others. For example, a 10kiloWatt Blast Chiller can freeze 2 tonnes of food in under 36 hours, whereas a 106kiloWatt Blast Chiller can freeze between 16 and 20 tonnes of food in the same time. However, the benefits do not all go to the much more powerful blast chillers. An example of this is in size. The 10kiloWatt blast chiller is much smaller than its 106kiloWatt counterpart, and as a result, you do not need any planning permission to install it on your premises.

Safety is a very important aspect of the design of blast chillers. Each blast chiller will come with many safety features designed to stop members of staff getting trapped inside and frozen. For example, inside there is interior lighting for convenience and to help avoid situations where staff could hurt themselves tripping over objects inside. There are also man-trap buttons inside the chillers, which are panic alarms to help release staff if they do manage to get trapped inside the room.

Where can you get you blast chillers?

If you would like have a blast chiller as part of your food production and storage line, don’t hesitate to contact CRS Cold Storage who can provide commercial blast chillers for your catering business. You can view the CRS site here. An alternative provider is Advantage Catering Equipment. 

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