Choosing Commercial Refrigeration for your Business

Tuesday 13th January 2015

When it comes to choosing a commercial fridge for your business there are many different factors to consider, it’s not as straight forward as going out and renting, hiring or purchasing one.

Choosing Commercial Refrigeration for your Business

Commercial refrigerators are much larger and bulkier than domestic fridges and are designed to specifically for storing large quantities of food. They also use more energy and are designed are built especially for a commercial kitchen or business.

Here are the things you need to consider when choosing commercial refrigeration for your business:

Health and Safety

Due to strict health and safety laws foods need to be stored at certain temperatures, and most domestic fridges and freezers are unable to reach these low temperatures. Commercial fridges and freezers are engineered to reach very low temperatures and remain energy efficient.

Speak to Commercial Refrigeration Suppliers

If you’re planning on purchasing commercial refrigeration for your business the first thing to do is give some suppliers a call and they’ll provide you with information about different brands and types of fridges and freezers.

CRS Mobile Cold Storage provides their customers with detailed information about models that are the most cost efficient when it comes to their business. This allows you to weigh up all the facts and come to a decision about a suitable product.

If you already chosen the right commercial fridge then the next step is to decide the best location to install them.  When deciding on a location you need to think about the layout of your business establishment as the location should be easily accessible for stocking, cleaning and customers. If you are in a retail establishment you need your customers can reach the fridges and that they aren’t located too high up.  

Consider Refrigeration Lighting

When purchasing commercial refrigeration, you need to consider lighting. Although these fridges and freezers come with anti -built lighting system, it’s still a great idea to provide proper lighting in the area.

Lighting can also affect your food as the low radiation filtration properties of Promolux lamps which help to keep foods fresher for longer allowing supermarkets a greater chance of to selling their items at full retail price instead of having to reduce them. This is extremely important, when it comes to leakage due to temperature variations and surface exposure from incorrect refrigeration lighting.

If you are looking to rent, lease and sell high quality bespoke and used cold stores such as commercial refrigeration for your business, call CRS Mobile Cold Storage for a free, no obligation quote on 0800 085 2298.

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