Investing in Blast Freezers

Wednesday 18th March 2015

With the spring and summer holidays not too far away, now may be a good time to update your businesses kitchen equipment by investing in blast freezers and chillers.

Investing in Blast Freezers

Blast freezers are now classed as standard equipment in commercial kitchens due to their ability to cool down temperatures within a short space of time. The new models are becoming ever more functional, making them important pieces of kit in helping caterers comply with food hygiene legislation.

Here are some key points to maintaining your blast freezers to help keep them in tip top condition throughout the busy season:

One of the most common service calls on blast freezers is because they aren’t chilling the food quick enough. This usually happens when the caterer overloads the unit. To help prevent this, make sure blast freezers are loaded correctly and that all business owners and managers read the manufacturer's instructions.

Make sure that you don’t jam the temperature probe in the door. Hang it back in its holder after use.

Temperature probes are sensitive devices and are key to maintaining good temperature control. Don’t misuse them for lifting products out of the freezer and always keep a spare probe in the kitchen in case of damage.

Blast freezers must be at a reduced temperature below -3°C in four hours. If it takes longer, something is wrong.

Many caterers plan a freezer and fridge maintenance visit just before the summer to ensure their refrigeration will cope with summer temperatures and heavy workload. So make sure that any early hot weather  doesn’t catch you out. The hotter weather the more forward each business should bring their pre-summer refrigeration and freezer maintenance to.

Check the door seals for damage and replace them when they are split. Cold air is, blasted into the chamber, and leakage will affect the blast freezers performance.

Cleaning door seals with a sharp knife wrapped in cloth will split them, and a split door seal will trap food soil.

Make sure that air vents, are kept clear of obstructions and regularly cleaned. Never put  a blast freezer near a door next to a room with a carpet  as it will catch on the carpet as carpet fibres are dragged in by waiters constantly coming through the doors.

Blast freezers will usually defrost after each cycle. If you see a build-up of ice when starting a new cycle, call a service engineer to check over the machine before the ice causes damage.

CRS Cold Storage Mobile have a variety of new and refurbished blast freezers which are available to rent, lease or buy with unbeatable pricing for hire periods of six months and up. Call 0800 085 2298 for a free, no obligation quote.

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