How to Retain Food Quality

Friday 25th April 2014

Freezing has long since been used in the preservation of food. The process reduces the overall temperature of the food product, causing the liquid within the product to freeze. Unfortunately, freezing can affect the overall taste and texture of the food product if it is done slowly. A slower freezing process allows larger ice crystals to form which can damage the structure of the food product. When thawed, the water will drain away from the product taking some of the nutrients and taste with it as it has become more easily extractable. However, there is a solution!

 Why Use a blast freezer?

blast freezingThe method of blast freezing can help improve the quality of the product once thawed. This process uses blasts of extremely cold air to cool a food product rapidly, meaning that it will freeze more quickly. This in turn, does not allow large crystals to form within the structure of the food and so the product is not affected by the process. Blast freezing is a great way to preserve food whilst still maintaining quality and taste. Many food products including vegetables and meat can be frozen for as long as one year without deteriorating in quality. This could be very beneficial in food establishments especially when considering food wastage. Blast freezing is also a good process when considering the storage of food for both cooked and raw foods.

Many companies, are able to offer a variety of blast freezing equipment with different capacities depending on your freezing requirements (Click here for some examples). Many blast freezers can be leased or hired for those with limited equipment budgets and can even be placed outside for establishments where there is little room in the main kitchen area.

Who To Contact?

If you are considering using blast freezing within your catering outlet and would like to discuss the benefits of the process further or would like further information on blast freezing products, please speak to a member of the CRS– Mobile Cold Storage team by dialling 0800 085 2298. Alternatively, if you would like to view the range of blast freezing products available from the company, please visit their website here.

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