What are Blast Freezers?

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Currently legislations regarding the standards of food production state that when cooling food, it must be cooled from the Danger Zone (when bacteria can develop quickly) to a safe temperature in the quickest time possible. In order to cool the food as quickly as possible, a blast freezer is needed, which speeds up the freezing of food for the food industry massively in comparison to the conventional freezer one may find in someone’s home.

Between 8 and 68 degrees Celsius is the ‘Danger Zone’. This is the temperature at which bacteria reproduces the fastest. By cooling food below this temperature, it is much harder for bacteria to multiply, so the chance of bacteria spreading over food is significantly reduced.

Food Safety Regulations

ice from blast freezerIn the UK, the Department of Health suggests that in order for food to be frozen safely, any food must be able to be cooled from 70 degrees to -18 degrees Celsius in under 4 hours. A conventional freezer would not be able to manage to this, because it is not powerful enough and the way it is designed would hinder its ability to freeze food quickly. Instead, a blast freezer is used, because it cools food so much quicker than any other alternative.

Stages of Blast Freezing

A blast freezer works in two stages. Firstly, when food is added to the freezer, the freezer begins a blast chilling phase. In this phase, the freezer will have powerful fans which will blow very cold air over the food, which will remove any thermal (heat) energy within the food. Once this phase is compete and the food is suitably cooled, the freezer will turn to a holding mode function, which keeps the food at a constant temperature, without letting it thaw and refreeze, as this could damage food and let bacteria grow.

If you are looking into getting a blast freezer, contact CRS Cold Storage (CRS website here) - ; a company that can provide many types of freezing and cooling products for industrial use in the catering market.

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