Bottle Coolers and the World Cup Go Hand in Hand

Monday 16th June 2014

It’s perhaps one of Britain’s proudest traditions, international football. With the World Cup in Rio De Jeneiro upon us, you can be certain that footie fans up and down the country are gathering in excitement to see how the Beautiful Game shall turn out this year. Of course, another proud institution tied in with football is drinking, and while the two have a somewhat controversial relationship it certainly goes without saying that they’re inseparable. 

 Whether you own a bar or pub, or you’re simply hosting a large outdoor BBQ for friends and relatives, a bottle cooler can be an essential component in your football experience. Especially as this is taking place in the height of an unusually warm and sunny summer -- which is in itself another reason to celebrate -- then cold drinks are certainly going to be on order.

 “But why on earth do I want to buy a bloody bottle cooler?” I hear you cry. “Surely my fridge is enough?”

 Well, see, that really depends on what you’re looking for exactly. If you’re actually operating a business, then a bottle cooler can actually be highly valuable and useful. After all, the cooler increases your capacity to store drinks for longer, thus allowing you store a wider variety and in turn serve a broader customer base. They’re also incredibly useful if your business does not cater specifically to drinks. Restaurants and cafes can also benefit immensely from owning a place to store drinks and keep them cool. Just as football goes hand-in-hand with drinking, so does eating. As such, the bottle cooler becomes a long term investment. They have an application that lasts beyond the World Cup.

bottle coolers

 For home owners the long term viability may not be as obvious. Bottle coolers probably seem like an unnecessary extravagance, like that cheese grater that sings La Cucaracha as its grating. However if you intend to make the most of this unusually summery summer, then perhaps you may find the bottle cooler of great use. This is, after all, barbeque season, and consequently you may also wish to entertain.

 The bottle cooler allows you to better store your drinks by giving you a dedicated cold storage space specifically for drinks, which has the additional effect of freeing up your fridge for other items. Not only can you stock more drinks, you can also stock more meat and supplies. As such, do not think a bottle cooler is just for people with a business. It can provide a very useful part of your home as well. For great bottle cooler solutions, visit the advantage catering equipment website here.

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