Healthy cooking with Potato Ovens

Wednesday 19th February 2014

The start of the new year often brings stresses about weight loss and the way people bodies looks after one too many chocolates over the festive period. With many diets suggesting reducing how much bread we eat – or in some cases cutting it out of our diets completely – it can be a little difficult to find a healthy lunch alternative that is more substantial than an a bowl of salad alone and, especially during the cold weather of winter, is warming to get us through the rest of the day.

Are Potato Ovens the Answer?

potatos for cookingJacket potatoes may offer that solution. Potatoes offers a great source of complex carbohydrates that keep you fuller for longer meaning you are far less likely to crave sugary ‘pick me ups’. Jacket potatoes are also good energy foods which are released more gradually compared to the quick sugary fix that sweets and chocolate offer. Jacket potatoes could be served with a variety of fillings from tuna to chilli con carne – making for a fuller meal rather than a snack.

commercial potato ovensFor those who are looking to offer healthier alternatively to their customers, commercial potato ovens offer a convenient way to cook jacket potatoes for many catering outlet and gives customers a healthy and filling meal alternative. Many potato ovens offer timer systems, using each jacket potato is well cooked each and every time with little effort required – leaving more time for other important jobs.

Potato ovens also offer a ‘keep hot’ setting meaning no additional equipment is required to keep the potatoes hot and ready for a busy service. These ovens have the capacity to hold from 20 potatoes – ideal for smaller cafés and snack bars – up to 300 potatoes per bake, potentially offering an essential piece of catering equipment for larger catering establishments. Some also offer incorporated bain marie dishes, allowing filling such as baked beans or chilli con carne to be served hot with the potatoes immediately when ordered – making for faster service and ultimately a happier customer.

Where can I get my Potato Oven?

If you would like to look at an extensive range of potato ovens suitable for your catering needs, please visit the website of Advantage Catering Equipment. Alternatively, if you would like to an advisor on the best product for your requirements, simply call 01304 827272 and a knowledgeable team member will be on hand to help.

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Healthy cooking with Potato Ovens

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