Team building in London

Wednesday 29th January 2014

It is an increasingly accepted fact that, sometimes, it’s difficult to get people to work together solely within a working environment. The problem is that within work there’s often a fair amount of stress, with deadlines to get in, customers always needing seeing to and too many problems to worry about. Team building is an attempt to work around this problem by removing staff from the workplace and putting them into activities, in an attempt to foster better co-ordination, communication and mutual appreciation in each other. Consequently, team building in London has truly started to kick off in the past couple of years.

Team building in London takes a variety of forms, but all have similar aims. They’re intended to provide entertaining and engaging activities that force participants to communicate with each other and work together to achieve set goals. For example, constructing a raft that they then must sail a fixed distance down a length of river, or completing an obstacle course in a fixed amount of time. Many people have found that such activities do help to improve worker morale, as well as providing many key skills that later prove helpful in the work place.

A lot of the time the activities will be fairly barebones, and may be relatively simple in practise. They may involve various games and exercises, such as playing a team-based sports game like football or dodge-ball, or things as simple as “Say your name and mention something interesting about yourself”. Drama activities are also relatively common, such as role-playing a demanding customer and requiring the other to settle his needs to the customer’s satisfaction.

team building LondonOther events may be a little more complex, and take place with more equipment and physical activity. Much team building in London takes place outside, where there is more room and freedom to conduct more imaginative activities. There are also companies that specialises in team-building exercises, offering a wide range of activities for people to complete and conduct themselves with.

One such company is called Venturi’s Table, which offers kitchens for hire that can be used for culinary-orientated team-building exercises. To contact them for the purposes of hiring a kitchen or to enquire further regarding what they can offer, feel free to visit their website. Alternatively, you can contact them directly by phoning 020 8875 7488.

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