Blast Freezers in Cooking, And How You Can Use Them

Tuesday 20th May 2014

A new toy has been makings its way into kitchens across the country, and they seem set to stay. Blast freezers operate in more or less the way you’d expect them to: they blast foodstuffs with a wave of icy cold air, freezing them more rapidly than conventional freezers. This allows less time for ice crystals to form within the foodstuffs, allowing your food to maintain its structural integrity when being frozen. In layman’s terms - your food is less likely to go soggy. Such units have also found popular use in kitchens for quickly cooling fizzy drinks cans and bottles of wine. See what a blast freezer looks like here.

 But what other uses might one find for blast freezers in their kitchens? Honestly there is quite a lot you can do with them, as they offer greater control in how you freeze your food than ever before. For example, pasta often has a more satisfying texture and taste if it has been dried out beforehand. Most chefs tend to air-dry their pasta, or freeze them using regular refrigerators’, however both are time consuming. Blast freezers allow you to quickly and efficiently freeze-dry your pasta, allowing you to have that excellent texture in half the time.


Another advantage to freeze-blasting food is that, once thawed, the lack of damage to the overall food means that it’s near impossible to tell that it’s been frozen. The taste and texture remain completely unchanged. This makes it ideal for storing food that cannot last long outside of a freezer, yet nevertheless suffers a loss of quality once frozen. Fish foods, we’re looking at you.


Sushi chefs have always used blast freezers to preserve their food. Now, fish mongers and fish restaurants throughout the world are also seeing the advantages blast freezers bring to storing their fish. One particularly neat trick is “cryo-shucking”. Once a clam or mussel has been blast-frozen, allow them to slowly thaw in a conventional fridge. As they do, the shells slowly open, allowing you gently slide their contents out with a spoon. This allows you to cook great tasting shellfish and all their juices in a variety of recipes, with no fears about a loss of quality or taste.


The lack of ice crystals that form when something is frozen in a blast freezer also allows for smoother, creamier ice creams and sorbets. This means you do need to waste time or money on stabilisers, as you’ll still be able to produce luxurious frozen dairy goods without sacrificing texture or taste.

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Blast Freezers in Cooking, And How You Can Use Them

A new toy has been makings its way into kitchens across the country, and they seem set to stay. Blast freezers operate...